Monday, July 11, 2011

Self-portrait with a bird (after Rembrandt)


DrewZ said...

I was searching for a specific Mary Cassatt painting and stumbled on to your work. The self portrait series are terrific. You should include more about how they came about, when you did them, the medium (perhaps it is there and I could not find).

Great work, very interesting. I may be in Budapest next April for a conference - do you have a gallery or studio? Do you sell your work? or prints of your work?


Drew MacFadyen

rada said...

Dear Drew, I’m glad you like my self portrait series and you are welcome in my studio anytime. Last month I started this series. By computer I merge old paintings I find on net with my original drawings. The final results will be printed (approximately A4 format) in a limited and signed series (all my works are for sale, of course).

All the best,