Friday, May 23, 2008

DAT - interactive CD-ROM

Title: Das Anatomische Theater; The Simultaneous Games of the 20th Century. - 1999
MIFA award for The Best Interactive Project, “Annecy 1999”
NOVACOM award, Budapest 2000

The essence of the CD-ROM, called "mouse film", is playing games. The spiritual and visual tissue of the work, based on digital technique, most certainly a new genre, is formed by real and imaginary layers behind the figures and objects of the scenes.

Below you can see a few still pictures from the CR-ROM.

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joko said...

Dear Milorad!

This cd-rom is (was) my favourite! I hope, your next dvd-rom will be similar fantastic:)

This new blog is really good and very exciting! I'll read it.

Best regards
Gyuri Jókúti